An exquisite story.

After 8-9 months of being inactive, I’m back (just not totally). Trying to get well in dealing with these new people. I hope I find new friends, or maybe rebuild old friendship that lasted. /Hi, I missed you! :-)

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Sa May 22 ang TSAMU? Hahahahahahahaha omg makakapunta pala ko niyan. Siyempre kasama ko sina Kei at Carlo. Hahahaha pilitin natin si Kael hmmm haha

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Congratulations, society. You just ruined my life.

  • In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I am blessed.

I think I’m missing a lot. Blogs to follow, please? ‘Yung active. Kahit anong binoblog (nonsense, personal, rants, typos, etc.), basta active. Thank you! :)

Make yourself happy ‘cause no one will.

No more broken hearts! <3

No more broken hearts! <3

Everytime I attempt to move on, it seems like everything goes back to zero. You wish to forget everything, but there will always be this ‘someone’ who’ll give you a flashback of the past - the past that you never want to reminisce.. again. What’s really wrong? Can’t you, guys, just allow me to sweep these shits off my life? I’m tired - literally tired. Tired of being an option; tired of giving all surprises; tired of hoping.. hoping for nothing, I guess.

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