An exquisite story.

1st photo: Me, debating for pre-quarter finals. OG - Xavier University; OO - Us (AdZU); CG - MSU; CO - UP Min

2nd, middle and 4th: Ateneo Debate Union of Ateneo de Zamboanga University

5th photo: Darren (my debate partner), Andre, Kuya Pjey (debate mentor naming tatlo), me

Last photo: Ate Jeck and I. :)

28th MPDC held in Davao City (University of Mindanao). For the 2nd time around, we are champions again! Congrats, AdZU, for the consecutive wins! Cheers for the succeeding competitions we’ll be joining. May this be a good start for us, the newbies! HihiĀ 

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